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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:Ketchikan, Alaska, United States of America

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This is the journal of a 26-year-old, cat-loving, vaguely socialist, non-practicing Christian with an addictive personality and personal space issues. My husband, Will, and I are currently living in Alaska with our cats, Kezzy and Puck. No children yet, though we are planning on it. My most recent addictions are Merlin, slash, caffeine, Bradley James, and Colin Morgan - not necessarily in that order.
You'll notice that this journal is f-locked. That's to prevent me from having to censor my language or subject matter. If you friend me, please drop me a line, introduce yourself so I know you're a human being (or some approximation thereof), and I'll likely return the favor. Just realize that friending me means relinquishing your right to complain about the above.

My profile banner is all thanks to [personal profile] phoenixacid, who made me a card for Christmas!

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